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Grundad 2002

Nu blåser vi snuten

Medlemmarnas medelbetyg: 3,5
(46 betyg)
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Medlemmarnas medelbetyg:
(46 betyg)

Handling: "The Bandit" är en stöddig långtradarchaffis som tar sig an den ultimata utmaningen: att plocka upp en last med Coors-öl i Texarkana - det närmaste ställe där den säljs lagligt - och köra den tvärs igenom landet till Atlanta på 48 timmar.

År: 1977
Regissör: Hal Needham
Originaltitel: Smokey and the Bandit
Ursprungsland: USA
Längd: 01:36
Ingår i tema: Bilar

Burt Reynolds
Sally Field
Jerry Reed
Mike Henry
Paul Williams
Pat McCormick
Jackie Gleason
Alfie Wise
George Reynolds
Macon McCalman
Linda McClure
Susan McIver
Laura Lizer Sommers
Michael Mann
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gav betyget:

absolut en klassiker, bra bakis rulle.hehehe. fina biljakter o fin bil. är nog bara Burt som passar med en mustach tror jag. aja magnum då åxå hehhe

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En - 4 som film & i sin egen genre.

Taglines: What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law. / It's Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason, in high gear and hot water! / Meet Bo Darville, aka, "The Bandit." Smokies (Cops) hate him. Guys dig him. And even girls can't get enough of him!

En klassiker & kultrulle till action-komedi m Reynolds i högform - hans bästa film? Field är också riktigt bra. Även Sheriffen (Gleason) är bara så naturligt störtskön (det kan inte vara lätt att spela den rollen*). Riktigt kul. Fart o fläkt hela tiden. Hamnar definitivt i DVD-samlingen. Denna del 1 är snäppet vassare än del 2.

Trivia: Buford T. Justice was the name of a real Florida Highway Patrolman known to Burt Reynolds' father who was once Chief of Police of Jupiter, Florida. / The second highest grossing movie released in 1977 next to Star Wars (1977) / According to Hal Needham on a radio show in Atlanta, the scene with the football players narrowly missed being a serious accident when, unknown to the film crew, a groundskeeper watered the grass on the field, causing the car to go out of control, slide the wrong way, and almost hit the extras. / Near the end of the movie, one of the two Georgia State Patrol cars that block the entrance to the fairgrounds (the Oldsmobile) is equipped with an airbag (very rare for the '70s). The airbag did not deploy in that minor collision but did deploy when they purposely wrecked the car years later. That car is shown in an airbag safety film used in some traffic schools. / Jackie Gleason said the cafe scene with himself and Burt Reynolds was not in the original story, it was Gleason's idea. / When scenes were filmed in the Trans Am, it was not possible to use a slate to mark the beginning and end of scenes. The actors had to clap their hands instead to mark when a scene started and ended. Several outtakes show this being done. / * Jackie Gleason reportedly modeled his character, Sheriff Buford T. Justice, after Burt Reynolds' description of his father, a Georgia sheriff. Among the character traits that came from this was the use of "sum bit" instead of "son of a bitch". Gleason later stated that one of his greatest joys was learning that people in the Deep South had picked up using "sum bit" from the film. --> Many of the lines spoken by Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Justice were improvised. / According to MapQuest, Atlanta to Texarkana is 665.2 miles, with an estimated travel time of 10 hours, 43 minutes (21:30 round trip). Atlanta to Boston is 1089 miles with an estimated travel time of 17 hours, 31 minutes. If driven the whole way, it would require an average speed of 121 miles an hour to do it in the 18 hours mandated by the "double or nothing" but the terms of the bet didn't specify how they were to get to Boston and certainly not how to return so they could have driven to the airport and bought round-trip tickets. / This movie made the Pontiac Trans Am a superstar. Trans Am sales jumped from 68,745 in 1977 to 93,341 in 1978. And just one year later that number swelled to 117,108 units sold. / Ronnie Gay, Lamar Jackson and Quinnon Sheffield were real Georgia State Troopers at the time of the filming of the movie. / According to director Hal Needham in the DVD Documentary, Pontiac gave them two Trans-Ams and three Lemans (Sheriff Justice's patrol car) for the film. Needham says that one of the Trans-Ams was completely destroyed during the famous bridge jump scene and that with all the damages the Lemans sustained, they eventually had to piece all three bodies together to make one Lemans. / Hal Needham asked Jerry Reed to write a theme song for the film. A couple of hours later, Reed presented "East Bound and Down" to Needham. With an acoustic guitar, Reed started to play it and Needham immediately stopped him. Thinking Needham didn't like it, Reed offered to re-write the song. To which Needham replied: "If you change one note, I'll kill you!" The song went on to become one of Reed's biggest hits. / When Hal Needham originally wrote the initial screenplay, he hired Jerry Reed to play the Bandit. But when Needham told Burt Reynolds about the film, Reynolds decided he wanted to do it and Reed was re-cast as the Snowman.

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Den mest klassiska klassikern som finns tror jag... En solklar 4:a.

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En bra och underhållande film.

gav betyget:

En medelfilm som dock är väldigt rolig!
Finns inte så mkt att säga om den..
En stark 3:a

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3,5 men ej 3,6 då hade jag satt fyran

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absolut en klassiker, bra bakis rulle.hehehe. fina biljakter o fin bil. är nog bara Burt som passar med en mustach tror jag. aja magnum då åxå hehhe

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Toppenbra film! Jätterolig, mysig och spännande. Sevärd.

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